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Craniomandibular function was studied in 70 subjects with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA). The subjects represented the total group of children and adolescents with the diagnosis JCA in a Swedish county. At examination, the median age of the subjects was 11.9 years and the median duration of the disease was 2.6 years. The most important finding of the(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the quality of induced sputum samples using a human-powered (HPN) and an electric-powered nebuliser (EPN). METHODS For each participant two sputum samples were induced using the HPN and the EPN. The sequence of the two nebulisers was allocated at random. The proportion of good quality sputum according to different assessment(More)
Significant concern exists from clinicians in all fields that rates of bilateral mastectomy and prophylactic mastectomy are increasing. This study was performed to evaluate women’s perception of breast appearance and its association with breast cancer operations. From April 2012 to May 2013, all women attending a breast clinic were shown two breast(More)
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