Loyce M. Adams

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Marine dinoflagellates in the genus Symbiodinium are primarily known for their symbiotic associations with invertebrates and protists, although they are also found free-living in nanoplankton and microphytobenthic communities. Free-living Symbiodinium are necessary for hosts that must acquire their symbionts anew each generation and for the possible(More)
The condylar position index, condylar angle and the area of insertion of the nuchal musculature corrected for condylar position, direction of muscle pull and skull size were determined in Homo sapiens, Gorilla, Pan and the casts of two Neanderthal and two australopithecine crania. In all three attributes, the values of H. sapiens exceeded, by statistically(More)
Eighty six amateur boxers underwent a series of neuropsychological assessments on three occasions--pre bout, immediate post bout and follow up within two years; 31 water polo players and 47 rugby union players acted as controls. The neuropsychological tests were selected as being sensitive to subtle cognitive dysfunction and formed part of a battery of(More)
STUDY DESIGN The anatomy of cadaveric lumbar apophyseal joints was examined as part of a study of possible correlations between lumbar apophyseal morphology, arthrosis, and cartilage thickness and stiffness. OBJECTIVES To establish the morphometry of human upper lumbar apophyseal joints using an objective technique. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The(More)
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