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Genetic discrimination and insurance underwriting.
Evidence for a hybrid hexosaminidase isoenzyme in heterozygotes for Sandhoff disease.
Patients with Sandhoff disease have less than 5% of normal levels of serum or tissue hexosaminidase activity. They are thought to have a defect in the structural gene for the beta chain ofExpand
New guidelines from the National Cholesterol Education Program: what is the impact on risk assessment?
The National Cholesterol Education Program has developed a set of guidelines for optimal levels of serum lipids that are recommended to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. This articleExpand
Underwriting lethal genetic diseases.
: There are thousands of single gene deposits that cause increased morbidity or mortality risks. Few have complete penetrance leading to certain death. Most can be underwritten with affordableExpand
Increased phenytoin metabolism in rabbits after phenytoin pretreatment.
: The serum half-life of phenytoin in rabbits after a single intravenous dose was significantly shortened by pretreating the rabbits with daily oral doses of phenytoin. This suggests that in vivoExpand
Underwriting dominantly inherited diseases.
Genetic testing committee report.
The impact of genetics on medical underwriting.
The genetics of oncology.