Low Wai Yee

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BACKGROUND Adhesions can result in serious clinical complications and make ileostomy closure, which is relatively simple procedure into a complicated and prolonged one. The use of sodium hyaluronate and carboxymethyl cellulose membrane (Seprafilm) was proven to significantly reduce the postoperative adhesions at the site of application. The aim of this(More)
Forty-five patients who underwent a partial meniscectomy in an anterior cruciate deficient knee were followed from 2 to 9 years. The average age at the time of the meniscectomy was 28.6 years. The majority of the patients were injured in recreational athletics. The subjects were evaluated preoperatively by a questionnaire and clinical examination, both of(More)
In this paper, we present an approach to motor skill learning based on internal models. By pursuing the temporal and spatial scalability of internal models, we first investigate the possibility of generating similar movement patterns directly via the same internal model with the minimum changes in the internal model parameters, and avoid the reinforcement(More)
We describe a 10-year-old boy who developed a pseudoaneurysm in the territory of the left hepatic artery after blunt trauma to the abdomen, which was prophylactically embolized. He was discharged early and was able to return to activities of daily life. In view of the potentially fatal complication of severe hemorrhage from a missed hepatic pseudoaneurysm(More)
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