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Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome is an important albeit infrequent cause of serious disability among young adults and athletes with anomalous anatomic relationships between the popliteal artery and surrounding musculotendinous structures. We report our experience with 3 patients, in whom we used duplex ultrasonography, computed tomography, digital(More)
In this report of two new cases of liver angiosarcoma (ASL) among plastic industry workers, the authors present the history and perspectives of this problem. The first cases of ASL have been registered since 1974, and in 1984, the European register of angiosarcoma was founded. In this register, 11 cases of ASL and one case of haemangiopericytoma have been(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined the association of dermatological signs such as baldness, thoracic hairiness, hair greying and diagonal earlobe crease with the risk of myocardial infarction in men under the age of 60 years. METHODS A hospital-based, case-control study included 842 men admitted for the first non-fatal myocardial infarction, the controls were 712 men(More)
A circadian pattern with a morning peak and the triggering role of emotional stress have been suggested for ventricular arrhythmias. After controlling for participant baseline characteristics and medication used, the authors studied the association of emotional upset, physical activity, and meteorologic parameters with occurrence of ventricular tachycardia(More)
OBJECTIVES In this retrospective study, antipersonnel mine casualties in Southern Croatia from 1991 to 1995 are analyzed and treatment options are discussed. METHODS Mechanism, degree of injury according to Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) and Injury Severity Score (ISS), as well as surgical treatment were analyzed. RESULTS Of a 2,693 war trauma(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The aim of this study was to provide information on the diagnosis and treatment of kinking -- bends in the extracranial internal carotid artery (KICA), a rate but major and treatable cause of cerebral ischemia. PROJECT A retrospective review of the seven-year experience in Split Hospital. ESSENTIAL DATA: The role of the surgical(More)
Various malignant tumors of the liver, especially liver angiosarcoma, have been described after occupational exposure to vinyl chloride monomer. We present the case records and pathologic findings of two plastic industry workers who had been exposed to high concentrations of vinyl chloride. These workers developed hepatic neoplasms, angiosarcoma, or(More)
During the war in Croatia (from May 1991 to December 1995), 67 patients with war injuries of the femoral vein and/or artery were treated at the Surgical Clinic of Split Clinical Hospital. All the wounded were admitted directly from the battlefield or from front-line hospitals. There were five women and 62 men with a median age of 29 (range 15-54) years.(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the influence of door-to-balloon time and symptom onset-to-balloon time on the prognosis of patients with acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) treated with primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in the Croatian Primary PCI Network. A total of 1190 acute STEMI patients treated with primary PCI were(More)
We have studied the incidence of possible triggers of the myocardial infarction regarding its site in 750 patients with anterior and 731 patients with inferior infarction. Infarctions occurred most frequently without recalling any triggering activity, especially in patients with anterior infarction (67 vs. 44%). Physical effort as the possible precipitator(More)