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—Hybrid cloud is the best solution for organizations to scale their resources when demand increases. They store their confidential data on private cloud and can hire the instances of public cloud if there is brisk need of resources to handle the overload of organization operations. In this paper, Ant colony optimization algorithm has been proposed that(More)
Cloud Computing refers to a paradigm whereby services are offered via internet using pay as you go model. Services are deployed in data centers and the pool of data centers is collectively referred to as "Cloud". Data centers make use of scheduling techniques to optimally allocate resources to various jobs. Different scenarios require different scheduling(More)
Biologics sample management facilities are often responsible for a diversity of large-molecule reagent types, such as DNA, RNAi, and protein libraries. Historically, the management of large molecules was dispersed into multiple laboratories. As methodologies to support pathway discovery, antibody discovery, and protein production have become high(More)
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