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To assess the epidemiological and pathogenic effects of infection with the hepatitis-B-virus (HBV)-associated delta agent in addicts who take drugs parenterally, 225 symptomless addicts from Italy and 261 addicts with HBsAg-positive hepatitis from Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, and Ireland were tested for delta antigen (delta-Ag) and its antibody (anti-delta)(More)
Patients with alcohol-related chronic pancreatitis (ARCP) often have peripheral neuropathy, but no data on the occurrence of autonomic neuropathy (AN) are available for this condition. To assess the autonomic function and the significance of its abnormalities for the prognosis of ARCP, 18 patients with ARCP and associated diabetes mellitus (P-DM group), 10(More)
Pathogenesis of chronic Chagas' heart disease may include various disturbances in the coronary circulation, that could be responsible for the myocardial lesions seen in human hearts and in experimental models of the disease. In this paper we critically reviewed the anatomical and functional abnormalities described in chronic chagasic patients, pertaining to(More)
The authors present a review of their contributions over the last decade to the study of the autonomic control of heart rate during dynamic exercise under physiological and pathological conditions. These studies included the development of new methods for the evaluation of autonomic control of heart rate during dynamic exercise in man. Pharmacological(More)
The aim of the present study was to determine whether estrogen therapy (ET) reduces alterations of the autonomic control of heart rate (HR) due to hypoestrogenism and aging. Thirteen young (24 +/- 2.6 years), 10 postmenopausal (53 +/- 4.6 years) undergoing ET (PM-ET), and 14 postmenopausal (56 +/- 2.6 years) women not undergoing ET (PM) were studied. ET(More)
Studies of heart rate and blood pressure responses to 70 degrees head-up tilt and 30 degrees head-down tilt were conducted in normal subjects and in chronic cardiac chagasic patients without past or present cardiac decompensation. During steady state of tilt, heart rate alterations were less marked in the chagasic than in the control group. Vasodepressor(More)
A series of 90 endometrial biopsies and curettings originally diagnosed as chronic endometritis were reviewed and histological findings of plasma cells, lymphoid infiltrate, stromal necrosis, acute inflammation, lymphoid follicles, and epithelial atypia were correlated with the demonstration of chlamydial antigens by the immunoperoxidase technique.(More)
Disordered gastric motility and emptying arewell known complications of diabetes mellitus (DM), butthe pattern of intragastric distribution of food has notbeen extensively studied in diabetics. We examined the partition of a liquid nutrient meal betweenthe proximal and distal stomach and the relationshipsbetween intragastric distribution of food and(More)
The reflex tachycardia induced by change from the supine position to a 70 degree head-up tilt was studied in conscious normal individuals and in patients with chronic Chagas' heart disease, known to constitute a model of parasympathetic denervation of the sinus node, in the absence of cardiac failure. Chagas' patients showed markedly decreased heart rate(More)