Lourdes Mónica Bravo-Anaya

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Up to now, chitosan and DNA have been investigated for gene delivery due to chitosan advantages. It is recognized that chitosan is a biocompatible and biodegradable non-viral vector that does not produce immunological reactions, contrary to viral vectors. Chitosan has also been used and studied for its ability to protect DNA against nuclease degradation and(More)
Molecular weight, stiffness, temperature, and polymer and ionic concentrations are known to widely influence the viscosity of polymer solutions. Additionally, polymer molecular weight—which is related to its dimensions in solution—is one of its most important characteristics. In this communication, low molecular weight DNA from salmon sperm was purified and(More)
Studies of DNA molecule behavior in aqueous solutions performed through different approaches allow assessment of the solute-solvent interactions and examination of the strong influence of conformation on its physicochemical properties, in the presence of different ionic species and ionic concentrations. Firstly, the conformational behavior of calf-thymus(More)
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