Lourdes J. Cruz

Baldomero M Olivera2
W R Biochemistry1
2Baldomero M Olivera
1W R Biochemistry
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A new class of Conus peptides, the I-superfamily of conotoxins, has been characterized using biochemical, electrophysiological and molecular genetic methods. Peptides in this superfamily have a novel pattern of eight Cys residues. Five peptides that elicited excitatory symptomatology, r11a, r11b, r11c, r11d and r11e, were purified from Conus radiatus venom;(More)
We describe algorithms for incorporating prior sequence knowledge into the candidate generation stage of de novo peptide sequencing by tandem mass spectrometry. We focus on two types of prior knowledge: homology to known sequences encoded by a regular expression or position-specific score matrix , and amino acid content encoded by a multiset of required(More)
  • J Michael Mcintosh, Baldomero M Olivera, Lourdes J Cruz, William R Gray, I L J Cruz, B M Olivera +14 others
  • 2012
The venom of a fish-hunting cone snail (Conus geo-graphus) contains a novel toxin, the "sleeper" peptide, which induces a sleep-like state in mice when injected intracerebrally. We demonstrate that this peptide contains 5 mol of 'Y-carboxyglutamate (Gla) in 17 amino acids. We have described the isolation and properties of a variety of peptide toxins from(More)
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