Lourdes Fernández

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This paper analyzes some of the factors that prevent knowledge construction and reuse in traditional library settings and describes VRef, an environm ent designed to provide users with the functionality of digital libraries in the areas of collaboration and social construction of knowledge. VRef makes it possible for users to post their information needs to(More)
This paper describes MiBiblio, a highly personalizable interface to large collections in digital libraries. MiBiblio allows users to create virtual places we term personal spaces. As users find useful items in the repositories, they organize these items and keep them handy in their personal spaces for future use. Personal spaces may also be updated by user(More)
We present Zeus, an environment designed to aid in the creation of a repository of digital theses. Zeus is an asynchronous cooperative toolset which allows the revision and annotation of digital theses over the Internet. With Zeus, students working on their theses (and their academic committees) are provided with a highly personalizable environment which(More)
Digital libraries can be regarded as virtual spaces in which collaborative scholarly research can be conducted. Floristic digital libraries provide such collaboration spaces for scientists working on solutions for Earth's biodiversity problems. However, group awareness and collaboration are not easily achieved in an increasingly distributed environment such(More)
A fabrication process for the creation of thick (tens of micrometres) silicon nitride blocks embedded in silicon wafers has been developed This new technology allows the use of silicon nitride as dielectric material for radio frequency (RF) circuits on standard CMOS-grade silicon wafers. Measurement results show that a performance similar to that of(More)
Wideband 100 kHz–4 GHz power sensors are presented, which are based on sensing the electrostatic force between an RF signal line and a suspended membrane. The electrostatic force, which is proportional to the square of the rms signal voltage and thus to the signal power, results in a displacement of the suspended membrane. This displacement is detected(More)
Thick silicon nitride blocks embedded in silicon wafers were recently proposed as a substrate for RF devices. In this paper we show that deep trenches filled with silicon nitride—having thin slices of monocrystalline silicon in between—already result in a significantly improved RF behavior. Measurement results are presented on RF coplanar waveguides using(More)
INTRODUCTION Stroke is a leading cause of mortality and disability. Policosanol has been effective in brain ischemia models. The aim of this study is to investigate whether policosanol, added to aspirin therapy within 30 days of stroke onset, is better than placebo + aspirine for the long-term recovery of non-cardioembolic ischemic stroke subjects. (More)
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