Lourdes Carmona

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Citrus is the first tree crop in terms of fruit production. The colour of Citrus fruit is one of the main quality attributes, caused by the accumulation of carotenoids and their derivative C30 apocarotenoids, mainly β-citraurin (3-hydroxy-β-apo-8'-carotenal), which provide an attractive orange-reddish tint to the peel of oranges and Mandarins. Though(More)
The relationship between secondary metabolism and infection in pathogenic fungi has remained largely elusive. The genus Penicillium comprises a group of plant pathogens with varying host specificities and with the ability to produce a wide array of secondary metabolites. The genomes of three Penicillium expansum strains, the main postharvest pathogen of(More)
Blood oranges require low temperature for anthocyanin production. We have investigated the activation of anthocyanin biosynthesis and accumulation in the pulp of Moro blood and Pera blond oranges (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) stored at either 4 or 9°C after harvesting. Both temperatures stimulated anthocyanin accumulation in blood but not in blond oranges.(More)
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