Lourdes C Corman

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This study enumerated the predominant vaginal flora in 25 healthy patients: 18 prenatal (six with and 12 without gonorrhea) and seven nonpregnant without gonorrhea. All 25 patients had aerobes and 19 of the 25 had anerobes isolated in titers of greater than or equal to 10(5) colony-forming units (CFU per milliliter). The most frequently isolated(More)
The recent trend toward integrating mentally retarded children in the community and public school warrants examination of public attitudes toward these children. Factor analysis of equestionnaire responses of 430 adults revealed for factors underlying attitudes toward retarded children: positive stereotype, segregation in the community, segregation in the(More)
In this study we sought to determine the effectiveness of learning potential training on improving children's probelm-solving skills on Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices. A sample of 553 retarded and nonretarded students were pretested, randomly assigned to trained or nontrained groups, and posttested. Analyses of variance on factor scores derived from(More)
Human parvovirus B19 (HP-B19), the etiologic agent of the common childhood illness erythema infectiosum, has been implicated in systemic immune disorders. Patients presenting with sensorineural hearing loss and/or dizziness, not readily categorized, were evaluated for immune-mediated inner ear disease. Appropriate serologic studies including parvovirus B19(More)