Lourdes B Rodriguez

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Recent studies have identified compounds with reduced efficacy relative to nociceptin/orphanin FQ at the opioid-like receptor ORL1. Utilizing stimulation of [(35)S]GTPgammaS binding as in vitro assays, it was determined that both [Phe(1)psi(CH(2)-NH)Gly(2)]N/OFQ(1-13)NH(2) and the hexapeptide Ac-RYYRIK-NH(2) act as partial agonists in CHO cells transfected(More)
BACKGROUND Neurocysticercosis causes a substantial burden of seizure disorders worldwide. Treatment with either praziquantel or albendazole has suboptimum efficacy. We aimed to establish whether combination of these drugs would increase cysticidal efficacy and whether complete cyst resolution results in fewer seizures. We added an increased dose albendazole(More)
In patients with human immunodeficiency virus, the diagnosis of neurocysticercosis can be complex, and the current diagnostic criteria may not apply. We report 3 cases and suggest including the CD4+ T lymphocyte count as an important factor in the proper diagnosis and treatment of patients with human immunodeficiency virus and potential neurocysticercosis.
Twenty cases of Dyphillobothrium pacificum (fish tapeworm) infections were prospectively studied to determine whether this tapeworm is associated with megaloblastic anemia, as commonly reported for D. latum infections. The most frequent symptoms were fatigue and mild abdominal pain, which were identified in approximately 66.6% of the 18 patients(More)
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