Lourdes Aguilar

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Both GABA and glycine (Gly) containing neurons send inhibitory projections to the inferior colliculus (IC), whereas inhibitory neurons within the IC are primarily GABAergic. To date, however, a quantitative description of the topographic distribution of GABAergic neurons in the rat's IC and their GABAergic or glycinergic inputs is lacking. Accordingly, here(More)
This article has two-fold aims: it reports firstly the improvement of a speech database in Catalan for speech synthesis (Festcat) with the information about prosodic boundaries using the break index labels proposed in the ToBI system; and secondly, it presents the experiments undergone to determine the acoustic markers that can differentiate among the(More)
Using highly specific antisera directed against conjugated d-amino acids, the distribution of d-glutamate-, d-tryptophan-, d-cysteine-, d-tyrosine- and d-methionine-immunoreactive structures in the rat brain was studied. Cell bodies containing d-glutamate, but not d-glutamate-immunoreactive fibers, were found. Perikarya containing this d-amino acid were(More)
Using an indirect immunoperoxidase technique, we studied the distribution of immunoreactive fibers and cell bodies containing methionine-enkephalin-Arg(6)-Gly(7)-Leu(8) in the adult human brainstem. Immunoreactive cell bodies were found in the reticular formation of the medulla oblongata (in which we observed the highest density of immunoreactive cell(More)
A set of tools to analyze inconsistencies observed in a Cat_ToBI labeling experiment are presented. We formalize and use the metrics that are commonly used in inconsistency tests. The metrics are systematically applied to analyze the robustness of every symbol and every pair of transcribers. The results reveal agreement rates for this study that are(More)
The temporal organization of discourse has produced a great deal of works in several languages pointing to different aims: from studies where the identification of cues about the planning of linguistic message is treated to studies in which duration models for text-to-speech systems are proposed. This work is a first step towards the description of Catalan(More)
We studied the distribution of neurokinin B-immunoreactive cell bodies and fibers in the cat brainstem using an indirect immunoperoxidase technique. The highest density of immunoreactive fibers was found in the motor trigeminal nucleus, the laminar and alaminar spinal trigeminal nuclei, the facial nucleus, the marginal nucleus of the brachium conjunctivum,(More)
Using an immunocytochemical technique, we report for the first time the distribution of immunoreactive cell bodies and fibers containing somatostatin-28 (1-12) in the alpaca diencephalon. Somatostatin-28 (1-12)-immunoreactive cell bodies were only observed in the hypothalamus (lateral hypothalamic area, arcuate nucleus and ventromedial hypothalamic(More)
This article reports the process of building a balanced text corpus taking into account prosodic features. We formalize the application of greedy algorithms for text selection and we discuss their limitations. We also defend an expert guideline for text manipulation that significantly improves the performance of the algorithms. The application of this(More)