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Under stress conditions, some microalgae up-regulate certain biosynthetic pathways, leading to the accumulation of specific compounds. For example, changing nutrient composition can induce stress in algae’s physiological activities, which may trigger an intense increase in carotenoid production. In this study, the change of photosynthetic functions and(More)
Given the rise in commercialization of edible forest mushrooms in Eastern Canada, it is advantageous to understand the fruiting patterns of fungal species. The aim of this study is to understand the phenology of edible species within the mixed boreal forest. Weekly surveys were conducted in 481 quadrats during the mushroom growing season over three(More)
Centre d' ´ etudes nordiques and Chaire de Recherche sur la Forê t Habitée, Université du Qú ebec a ` Rimouski, 300 Alí Abstract Questions: What was the tree species composition of forests prior to European settlement at the northern hardwood range limit in eastern Québec, Canada? What role did human activities play in the changes in forest composition in(More)
A method for three-dimensional verification of anatomy setup that uses the correlation of portal images and reference megavoltage digitally reconstructed radiographs (MDRRs) is presented. Prior to a treatment, an orthogonal pair of portal images is acquired from which subimages containing anatomical features are selected. These subimages are consequently(More)
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