Louiza Sellami

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Applications involving speech coding and phonetic classification are introduced as educational tools for reinforcing signal processing concepts learned in senior level communication classes at the U.S. Naval Academy. These applications utilize the software packages MATLAB and NeuralWorks and are used here to explore the concepts of impulse sampling, Fourier(More)
The Hollis-Paulos artificial neural network (HPANN) is convenient in terms of its possibility for realization of variable weight artificial neural networks (ANN's) in very large scale integration (VLSI) by MOS transistor circuits, though it is nondynamical and not driven by external inputs. Here we introduce dynamics and inputs into the HPANN and show that(More)
The primary goal of this ongoing atypical of linear communication systems. The research project is to analyze the feasibility of using analysis accounts for practical system issues such as wavelength-division-multiplexed solitons for optical loss, amplification, and filtering. In addition, fourfiber communications. Such a communication system wave mixing is(More)
Sensors are becoming of considerable importance in several areas, particularly in health care. Therefore, the development of inexpensive and miniaturized sensors that are highly selective and sensitive, and for which control and analysis is present all on one chip is very desirable. These types of sensors can be implemented with microelectromechanical(More)
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