Louise van Amsterdam

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Synthesis of the retinal analog, 10,20-methanoretinal (R6), where the 11Z conformation is locked in a six-membered ring, yielded four stereoisomers (7E,9E,13E, 7E,9E,13Z, 7E,9Z,13E and 7E,9Z,13Z). These four isomers were separated by straight-phase isocratic HPLC and identified by 1H-NMR and NOE analysis. All isomers smoothly recombined with bovine opsin at(More)
Primary care education requires a paradigm shift, to speed up a widespread adoption of interprofessional education (IPE). An increasing sense of urgency can be identified by the need to develop educational programmes aimed at integrated primary care. A comprehensive integrated and interdisciplinary approach at the primary healthcare level is needed, to(More)
The binding to bacterioopsin of the all-trans isomers of retinal analogues lacking the six-membered ring and differing in length of the conjugated chain, as well as the light-driven action of the proton pump of the resulting bacteriorhodopsin analogues, were studied. The 'opsin shifts' in these modified bacteriorhodopsins are all around 2700 cm-1 and do not(More)
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