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PURPOSE To evaluate the role of dialect on phonemic awareness and nonword spelling tasks. These tasks were selected for their reliance on phonological and orthographic processing, which may be influenced by dialect use. METHOD Eighty typically developing African American children in Grades 1 and 3 were first screened for dialect use and then completed a(More)
O1 The role of nomograms in predicting axillary node metastasis in breast cancer patients: a comparison between two online predictors and post-operative results Introduction The low sensitivity of ultrasonography (US) in diagnosing axillary lymph node metastasis in breast cancer patients has sparked the evaluation of various tools in an attempt to increase(More)
The speech which parents and peers direct to toddlers was examined for differences as a function of sex of parent, parent/peer status, sex of child, and age of child. Mothers, fathers, and peers of 18 parent dyads were individually audio- and videotaped in a natural play setting with their children (nine boys and nine girls) when the children were 2 years(More)
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