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Radiative transfer and multiple scattering of diffuse ultrasound" (1994). Faculty Publications from the Department of Engineering Mechanics. Paper 6. A model is presented for the mtltiply scattered incoherent field in a continuous polycrystalline elastic medium. Unlike a previous, development based upon energy conservation considerations [J.] for a medium(More)
Time series analysis of milk yield data collected three times daily was used to create stochastic models for short-term forecasting of milk production. These models can be used in systems for automated registration of daily milk weights. Analyses were carried out on partial or complete lactation yield data from 513 lactations. Time series analysis showed(More)
Consider the Schrodinger equation for fixed energy and a real-valued compactly supported potential q(x) E I&, x E R3. Let A(6', 6) be the corresponding scattering amplitude for incident and exit directions 6 and 6' respectively. It is proved that the potential is spherically symmetric if and only if A(@', 6) for this single energy depends only on the angle(More)
Missing values are often a problem in data analysis. Simple elimination of observations with missing values from the study may lead to unacceptable loss of information. Instead, missing values may be estimated. Procedures for estimation of the parameters in linear models allow for missing observations in the dependent and independent variables. In serially(More)
An in situ thermal desorption study of solvated aluminum hydride (alane) by transmission electron microscopy and selected area diffraction has permitted characterisation of the structural and morphological changes during desorption of solvent and hydrogen in real-time; this powerful technique for studying hydrogen storage materials complements several(More)
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