Louise Warnock

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OBJECTIVE To determine the impact of a nurse-led multi-disciplinary team on management of elderly patients with functional problems admitted to an acute medical admission unit. DESIGN Data collection from the first 16 months of the team's operation. SETTING A district general hospital, Scotland. SUBJECTS All elderly patients with functional problems(More)
We examined the effect of fetal hemoglobin and labile glycosylated hemoglobin on a number of diverse methods used to measure glycosylated hemoglobin. Samples were supplemented with various amounts of cord blood to give proportions of fetal hemoglobin ranging from 1 to 20% of total hemoglobin concentration. Procedures in which the separation of hemoglobin A1(More)
An affinity chromatographic method for the determination of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1) was evaluated. The procedure was shown to be precise, the within- and between-assay coefficients of variation being less than 5%. It was also shown to correlate well with electrophoresis (r = 0.968) and ion-exchange chromatography (r = 0.916). An inverse relationship(More)
BACKGROUND Chest physiotherapy is widely used in people with cystic fibrosis in order to clear mucus from the airways. OBJECTIVES To determine the effectiveness and acceptability of chest physiotherapy compared to no treatment or spontaneous cough alone to improve mucus clearance in cystic fibrosis. SEARCH METHODS We searched the Cochrane Cystic(More)
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