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1Stéphanie Deroo
1Vinod Subramaniam
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Accurate prediction of amyloid-forming amino acid sequences remains an important challenge. We here present an online database that provides open access to the largest set of experimentally characterized amyloid forming hexapeptides. To this end, we expanded our previous set of 280 hexapeptides used to develop the Waltz algorithm with 89 peptides from(More)
Most Alzheimer’s disease (AD) cases are late-onset and characterized by the aggregation and deposition of the amyloid-beta (Aβ) peptide in extracellular plaques in the brain. However, a few rare and hereditary Aβ mutations, such as the Italian Glu22-to-Lys (E22K) mutation, guarantee the development of early-onset familial AD. This type of AD is associated(More)
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