Louise M Sullivan

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In the present study, structural changes in the milk protein α-lactalbumin (α-LA) and its proteolysis were investigated for the potential formation of protein-fatty acid complexes during in vivo gastric digestion. Capsule endoscopy allowed visualisation of the digestion of the test drinks, with nasogastric tubes allowing sampling of the gastric contents. A(More)
Long-chain fatty acids are internalized by receptor-mediated mechanisms or receptor-independent diffusion across cytoplasmic membranes and are utilized as nutrients, building blocks, and signaling intermediates. Here we describe how the association of long-chain fatty acids to a partially unfolded, extracellular protein can alter the presentation to target(More)
HAMLET (human α-lactalbumin made lethal to tumour cells) and its related partially unfolded protein-fatty acid complexes are novel biomolecular nanoparticles that possess relatively selective cytotoxic activities towards tumour cells. One of the key characteristics is the requirement for the protein to be partially unfolded, hence endowing native proteins(More)
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