Louise M Jones

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Nested PCR indicated a possible causal relationship between presence of phytoplasmas and unusual wilt symptoms in cooking banana plants in PNG. Sequence analysis showed that phytoplasmas from diseased banana plants in four Provinces were unique, but most closely related to a phytoplasma associated with a new lethal disease of coconuts in PNG’s Madang(More)
Phytoplasmas were detected by nested and real time PCR from wilted cooking banana plants in Solomon Islands close to the border with Papua New Guinea (PNG). These phytoplasmas and two similar phytoplasmas found adjacent in PNG formed a group from the Solomon Island archipelago indistinguishable from each other by sequence analysis. These and similar(More)
Citrus canker disease was detected for the first time in Solomon Islands on Guadalcanal Island. The bacterium was isolated from diseased citrus plants exhibiting distinct citrus canker symptoms consisting of crater-like lesions on the rind of fruit and corky yellow-brownish lesions on leaves. Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri was identified using biochemical(More)
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