Louise Helary

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Sex determination is known to be male heterogametic in the rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss; however, scattered observations that deviate from this rather strict genetic control have been reported. Here, we provide a detailed morphological and histological characterization of the gonadal differentiation and development (from 43 days postfertilization to(More)
Salmonids are generally considered to have a robust genetic sex determination system with a simple male heterogamety (XX/XY). However, spontaneous masculinization of XX females has been found in a rainbow trout population of gynogenetic doubled haploid individuals. The analysis of this masculinization phenotype transmission supported the hypothesis of the(More)
Neuropathies are neurodegenerative diseases affecting humans and other mammals. Many genetic causes have been identified so far, including mutations of genes encoding proteins involved in mitochondrial dynamics. Recently, the "Turning calves syndrome", a novel sensorimotor polyneuropathy was described in the French Rouge-des-Prés cattle breed. In the(More)
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