Louise E Hughes

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Twenty-two individuals who had suffered from local recurrence of breast cancer were interviewed to determine psychosocial morbidity. Psychometric assessment using the Hamilton Anxiety Scale, the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire and the Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale was conducted prior to clinical evaluation including a structured interview, the(More)
Terminology in benign breast conditions has been confused by multiplicity of terms which do not relate accurately to clinical or histological patterns. Further confusion arises because terminology is not based on sound concepts of pathogenesis. The ANDI classification has been put forward as a nomenclature based on pathogenesis to replace the division of(More)
Many terms, including duct ectasia, secretory disease, periductal mastitis, plasma cell mastitis, have been used in connection with a variety of clinical conditions associated with nipple discharge, non-puerperal sepsis and nipple retraction. The confused nomenclature reflects the uncertainties regarding the singularity or inter-relationships of the main(More)
PURPOSE To examine the cross-cultural applicability of the Communicative Participation Item Bank (CPIB) through a comparison of respondents with Parkinson's disease (PD) from the United States and New Zealand. METHOD A total of 428 respondents-218 from the United States and 210 from New Zealand-completed the self-report CPIB and a series of demographic(More)
Every adult who embarks on a new project undergoes some self-directed learning. During the search for solutions, individuals may react in varied ways; yet, a basic syndrome of behavioral activities underlies these individual reactions. We have named this the "Wizard of Oz" syndrome because of the similarity it bears to the events in that classic fantasy.(More)
The incidence of Crohn's disease in Cardiff between 1934 and 1977 has been examined using hospital diagnostic indices and supplemented in recent years by personal records from clinicians. A total of 232 cases of Crohn's disease were confirmed after all the notes had been reviewed. There has been a large increase from 0f18/cases/105 of the population per(More)
Controversy exists as to whether a transmissible agent is responsible for Crohn's disease. Previous reports have suggested that sarcoid-like granulomas can develop in animals following inoculation of homogenates derived from bowel affected by Crohn's disease. This study involved the injection of Crohn's tissue homogenates into experimental animals under a(More)
Understanding of benign breast disorders has not been clear, and inaccurate nomenclature has failed to recognise the wide spectrum of histological changes found in the normal breast. The framework provided by the nomenclature ANDI is proposed as a useful basis for teaching the basic principles and management of benign breast disorders.
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