Louise Deering

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Induced motion (IM) was observed in a fixated target in the direction opposite to the real motion of a moving background. Relative to a fixation target located straight ahead, IM decreased when fixation was deviated 10 degrees in the same direction as background motion and increased when fixation was deviated 10 degrees opposite background motion. These(More)
Contrast sensitivity was measured at near using the Vistech 6000 Contrast Test System (VCTS) in 287 persons aged 4 to 87 years. Obtained data compared well with those previously reported for the Vistech charts. Results indicate an age-related loss in sensitivity to intermediate and higher spatial frequencies. This is consistent with the age trends observed(More)
The effect of the addition of synthetic sheep urine (SSU) and plant species on the bacterial community composition of upland acidic grasslands was studied using a microcosm approach. Low, medium, and high concentrations of SSU were applied to pots containing plant species typical of both unimproved (Agrostis capillaris) and agriculturally improved (Lolium(More)
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