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Thomas Vorup-Jensen, Lianli Chi, Louise C. Gjelstrup, Uffe B. Jensen, Craig A. Jewett, Can Xie, Motomu Shimaoka**, Robert J. Linhardt, and Timothy A. Springer From the Immune Disease Institute (formerly CBR Institute for Biomedical Research), Departments of Pathology and **Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, the Biophysical(More)
CD18 integrins are adhesion molecules expressed on the cell surface of leukocytes and play a central role in the molecular mechanisms supporting leukocyte migration to zones of inflammation. Recently, it was discovered that CD11a/CD18 is shed from the leukocyte surface in models of inflammation. In this study, we show that shedding of human CD11/CD18(More)
The interactions between cell surface receptors and sulfated glucosamineglycans serve ubiquitous roles in cell adhesion and receptor signaling. Heparin, a highly sulfated polymer of uronic acids and glucosamine, binds strongly to the integrin receptor alphaXbeta2 (p150,95, CD11c/CD18). Here, we analyze the structural motifs within heparin that constitute(More)
Heteroclitic monoclonal antibodies are characterized by the ability to bind multiple epitopes with little or no similarity. Such antibodies have been reported earlier, but insight into to the molecular basis of this propensity is limited. Here we report that the KIM185 antibody to human CD18 reacts with the plasma protein C4b-binding protein (C4BP). This(More)
Mannan-binding lectin (MBL) is an important protein of the innate immune system and protects the body against infection through opsonization and activation of the complement system on surfaces with an appropriate presentation of carbohydrate ligands. The quaternary structure of human MBL is built from oligomerization of structural units into polydisperse(More)
Test compounds may have undesired side affects in addition to the desired modulation of a specific signaling pathway. Here we describe the use of high content cell-based assays to monitor such effects. In addition to the primary activity readout, many image analysis algorithms used for high content analysis report secondary readouts describing the cellular(More)
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