Louise C Davies

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Receptor-mediated increases in the concentration of intracellular free calcium ([Ca2+]i) are responsible for controlling a plethora of physiological processes including gene expression, secretion, contraction, proliferation, neural signalling, and learning. Increases in [Ca2+]i often occur as repetitive Ca2+ spikes or oscillations. Induced by electrical or(More)
Fast breathhold cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) has become a reference standard for the measurement of cardiac volumes, function, and mass. The implications of this for sample sizes for remodeling studies in heart failure (HF) have not been elucidated. We determined the reproducibility of CMR in HF and calculated the sample size requirements and(More)
These abstracts are copied directly fromthe online submission system and edited for uniformity of format. Authors are invited and given at least a fortnight to notify the sub-editor of amendments. Background Ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) is used to identify white coat hypertension (WCH). Some individuals however have mean daytime BP >135/85 mmHg on ABPM(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients with heart failure and ischaemic heart disease may obtain benefit from revascularisation if viable dysfunctional myocardium is present. Such patients have an increased operative risk, so it is important to ensure that viability is correctly identified. In this study, we have compared the utility of 3 imaging modalities to detect(More)
BACKGROUND Perioperative management of patients with complete mixing of pulmonary and systemic blood centers on approximately equating pulmonary (Qp) and systemic (Qs) blood flow (Qp/Qs approximately 1). This empirically derived target is opposed by theoretical studies advocating a target Qp/Qs well below 1. We studied the cause of this persistent(More)
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