Louise Byass

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Four orthologues of the Arabidopsis CBF/Dreb transcriptional activator genes were isolated from the winter Brassica napus, cv. Jet neuf. All four BNCBF clones encode a putative DRE/CRT (LTRE)-binding protein with an AP2 DNA-binding domain, a putative nuclear localization signal and a possible acidic activation domain. Deduced amino acid sequences suggested(More)
A modified assay for inhibition of ice recrystallization which allows unequivocal identification of activity in plant extracts is described. Using this assay a novel, cold-induced, 36 kDa antifreeze protein has been isolated from the tap root of cold-acclimated carrot (Daucus carota) plants. This protein inhibits the recrystallization of ice and exhibits(More)
Extracts from a range of evolutionarily diverse plant and lichen species from the UK and maritime Antarctic have been assayed for inhibition of ice recrystallization. Approximately 25% of overwintering UK species and all Antarctic species exhibited antifreeze activity when exposed to low temperature. Preliminary characterization of the active extracts has(More)
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