Louise Aas Nielsen

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BACKGROUND Ectopic fat deposition in liver and skeletal muscle tissue is related to cardiovascular disease risk and is a common metabolic complication in obese children. We evaluated the hypotheses of ectopic fat in these organs could be diminished following 1 year of multidisciplinary care specialized in childhood obesity, and whether this reduction would(More)
This study examines the influence of sagittal occlusion on occlusal plaque formation in permanent first molars (PFM) in 72 7-10-yr-olds before loss of primary second molars. Of a total of 288 PFM, 140 (49%) were sealed and 23 (8%) filled. Occlusal plaque was recorded at two levels of examination: 1) visible plaque on the entire surface and 2) detailed(More)
The prevalence of childhood obesity has reached alarming rates world-wide. The aetiology seems to be an interplay between genetic and environmental factors, and a surrogate measure of this complex interaction is suggested as familial predisposition. Familial predisposition to obesity and related cardiovascular disease (CVD) complications constitute the(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim was to investigate whether a familial predisposition to obesity related cardiovascular complications was associated with the degree of obesity at baseline and/or changes in the degree of obesity during a multidisciplinary childhood obesity treatment program. METHODS The study included 1421 obese children (634 boys) with a median age(More)
Sensory properties of some foods may be of importance to energy consumption and thus the development and maintenance of childhood obesity. This study compares selected food related qualities in overweight and normal weight children. Ninety-two participants were included; 55 were overweight with a mean age of 11.6 years (range 6-18 years) and a mean BMI(More)
During the past decade usage of the fissure sealant technique for occlusal caries prevention has been increasingly recommended. This study explores variations in indications and usage of this technique in Denmark. A questionnaire was sent to 205 chief dental officers in the Danish Public Child Dental Health Service (PDHS) covering 90% of Danish children and(More)