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In this paper, we show that the flexible model-checking of multi-agent systems, implemented using agent-oriented programming languages, is viable thus paving the way for the construction of verifiably correct applications of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. Model checking experiments were carried out on AJPF (agent JPF), our extension of Java(More)
The Prosper (Proof and Specification Assisted Design Environments) project advocates the use of toolkits which allow existing verification tools to be adapted to a more flexible format so that they may be treated as components. A system incorporating such tools becomes another component that can be embedded in an application. This paper describes the(More)
Evolutionary robotics is a branch of artificial intelligence concerned with the automatic generation of autonomous robots. Usually the form of the robot is predefined and various computational techniques are used to control the machine's behaviour. One aspect is the spontaneous generation of walking in legged robots and this can be used to investigate the(More)
In this paper we describe a verification system for multi-agent programs. This is the first comprehensive approach to the verification of programs developed using programming languages based on the BDI (belief-desire-intention) model of agency. In particular, we have developed a specific layer of abstraction, sitting between the underlying verification(More)
We describe the design of an intermediate language (AIL) for BDI-style programming languages. AIL is not intended as yet another programming language, but is meant to provide a common semantic basis for a number of BDI programming languages in order to support both formal verification and the transfer of concepts and developments. We examine some of the key(More)
Coinduction is a method of growing importance in reasoning about functional languages, due to the increasing prominence of lazy data structures. Through the use of bisimulations and proofs that observational equivalence is a congruence in various domains it can be used to proof the congruence of two processes. Several proof tools have been developed to aid(More)