Louise A. Allcock

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The resolution of evolutionary relationships among deep-sea incirrate octopuses has been hindered by the paucity of individuals available for morphological studies and by the lack of tissue samples preserved using fixatives compatible with simple DNA extraction techniques. Evolutionary relationships from 11 species of deep-sea incirrate octopuses were(More)
Despite its charismatic appeal to both scientists and the general public, remarkably little is known about the giant squid Architeuthis, one of the largest of the invertebrates. Although specimens of Architeuthis are becoming more readily available owing to the advancement of deep-sea fishing techniques, considerable controversy exists with regard to topics(More)
Formaldehyde run-off was an unintended impact of the anthrax decontamination procedure on the island of Gruinard. The death of intertidal organisms was observed where formaldehyde reached the shore during 1986. The extent to which shores on Gruinard have recovered was assessed with survey work in 2000. Recovery estimates were based on the hypothesis that(More)
A comprehensive study of octopodids in the Weddell Sea was conducted during cruise ANT XIII/3 of RV "Polarstern". The study yielded eight species of incirrate octopodids, three of which were undescribed. There appeared to be no differences in octopodid species assemblage in the two sampling areas (Kapp Norvegia and south of Drescher Inlet), supporting the(More)
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