Louisa Rosenheck

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POSIT (developing Public Opinions on Science using Information Technology) is an augmented reality role-playing game for networked handheld computers. It is designed to improve engagement in science controversies and develop skills in evaluating evidence and forming arguments. Groups of high school or college students investigate a scenario based on a(More)
Ubiquitous Games (UbiqGames) are browser-based multi-player games played primarily on mobile devices. UbiqGames are designed to be played outside of formal class time and over several days, alongside more traditional instruction in the topics covered in the games. Teachers can use class time to facilitate thoughtful reflection on game strategies and data(More)
In this paper, we briefly present a design framework, XCD, that we developed through the design of The Radix Endeavor, a multiplayer online game for STEM learning. The framework provides a method for ensuring that the learning objectives, game mechanics, and data collected are closely aligned throughout the design process. We present this method here as a(More)
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