Louisa Lorenz

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BACKGROUND Adjustment disorders (also known as mental distress in response to a stressor) are among the most frequently diagnosed mental disorders in psychiatry and clinical psychology worldwide. They are also commonly diagnosed in clients engaging in deliberate self-harm and in those consulting general practitioners. However, their reputation in(More)
BACKGROUND Adjustment disorder (AjD) is a transient mental health condition emerging after stressful life events. Its diagnostic criteria have recently been under revision which led to the development of the Adjustment Disorder--New Module 20 (ADNM-20) as a self-report assessment. OBJECTIVE To identify a threshold value for people at high risk for AjD. (More)
In preparation for ICD-11, the adjustment disorder (AjD) diagnosis has undergone considerable revisions; however, the latent structure of AjD remains uncertain. It is unclear whether AjD is best represented as a unidimensional or multidimensional construct. This study performed a comprehensive assessment of the latent structure of AjD symptomatology and(More)
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