Louis W. Dekker

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Software for two dimensional visualization of values that have been automatically measured with in place sensors is difficult to find. Usually these programs assume a regular area and a regular grid of measuring points. In practice, however, both the shape of the area and the position of the sensors are often irregular. This paper describes the program(More)
Most one-dimensional soil moisture flow simulation models have restricted applicability due to (amongst other things): i) insufficient user flexibility; ii) a lack of user friendliness; iii) dependency on scale, temporal and/or spatial, and iv) fixed boundary conditions. Therefore, we developed a simple and highly flexible software package to simulate,(More)
Man-made raised sandy soils in the Netherlands are classified as ‘brown’ or ‘black’ plaggen soils. When dry, the brown soils are wettable, but the black soils are water repellent. For one growing season, transects were sampled in a maize cropped black plaggen soil at the Heino experimental farm. Due to interception and stemflow, water was concentrated near(More)
-Field experience has shown that soil conditions can have large effects on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) detection of landmines. We discuss available models for the prediction of the dielectric constant from soil physical properties including bulk density, soil texture, and water content. The soil dielectric constant determines the attenuation of the radar(More)
A bromide tracer was applied on a 2.2 m long and 0.4 m wide plot at the location of a hydrophobic soil in the southwest of The Netherlands. At the end of the experiment, the plot was excavated to a depth of 0.7 m using 100 cm samples, yielding a total of 1680 samples to quantify the three-dimensional spatial distribution of water content, pH, bromide(More)
Nowadays more and more measurement sites are installed in the field to gain insight in the process of 2-dimensional moisture flow in topsoils in dependence of the weather conditions. As these measurements yield a large amount of data, visualization is essential and therefore a software package was developed consisting of several tools to process the(More)
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