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OBJECTIVE This cross-sectional mortality linkage study describes the prevalence of specific fatal disease and injury conditions in an adult population with serious mental illness. The large sample of decedents and the use of multiple-cause-of-death data yield new clinical details relevant to those caring for persons with serious mental illness. METHODS(More)
Molecular and tissue damage induced by reactive oxygen species is a serious consequence of the production of free radicals in biological systems. Biological markers produced by reactions with hydroxyl radicals are useful indices of free radical processes in vivo. In this respect, hydroxylation of aromatic compounds such as salicylate (2-hydroxybenzoate) has(More)
A double-blind controlled study of the effects of bromocriptine on drinking behavior and associated symptoms in ambulatory alcoholics showed a marked improvement in both treatment and control groups. However, significant differences in favor of the medication were observed in psychopathological measures, and trends in the same direction in most of the other(More)
To determine whether treatment with a somatostatin analogue can reduce kidney hyperfiltration and hypertrophy in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, we studied 11 patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and glomerular hyperfiltration. The patients were assigned randomly to receive continuous subcutaneous infusion of either octreotide, 300(More)
BACKGROUND Increases in hydroxyl radical production have been used as evidence of oxidative stress in cerebral ischemia/ reperfusion. Ischemia can also induce increased dopamine release from the striatum that may contribute to hydroxyl radical formation. We have compared hydroxyl radical production in the cortex and striatum as an index of oxidative stress(More)
Chronic ulcers are a significant and common cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. They disrupt the epidermis and dermis, resulting in a loss of barrier function. Keloids and hypertrophic scars (benign cutaneous tumors) represent an abnormal healing response. These fibroproliferative disorders are characterized by an overabundance of collagen and(More)
Ten young, healthy male volunteers smoked a marihuana cigarette with 2.5% δ 9-THC and a THC-exhausted placebo cigarette. The marihuana administration was associated with an increase in heart rate, elevation of systolic blood pressure, conjunctival reddening and specific airway conductance increase; time perception and Automated Digit Symbol Substitution(More)
CQA 206-291, a new ergot derivative with a "biphasic" dopaminergic profile, was studied in 6 patients with longstanding Parkinson's disease suffering from pronounced fluctuations in hourly mobility. On alternate days, up to seven single doses, escalating from 0.2 to 20 mg, were given as replacement for the usual first morning dose of levodopa. At the most(More)
While setting up an intracerebral microdialysis system to estimate the extent of oxidative stress induced by the neurotoxin, N-methylphenylpyridinium ion (MPP+), we encountered a problem in the use of hydroxybenzoic acids as traps of hydroxyl radicals. Using either 2-hydroxybenzoate (salicylate) or 4-hydroxybenzoate as trapping agents, we observed a(More)
Mental health disorders are the leading cause of disability and functional impairment in the United States (1 in 5). The negative effect of mental health disorders is felt both in the personal and public lives of the affected individuals, particularly in the workplace where it adversely impacts productivity. Only a small fraction of the affected people in(More)