Louis Tornatzky

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FOREWoRD The wealth of nations is changing. While prior centuries were dominated by nations with superior industrial or agricultural capabilities, the Innovation Age rewards new competencies and strengths. Knowledge – ideas and the people who generate them – is the new coin of the realm. Innovative capacity will be the key driver of future economic(More)
2002 Making industry-university partnerships work. 2000 The institutionalization of knowledge transfer activities within industry-university collaborative ventures. 1982 University-industry cooperative research centers: A practice manual. 1991 Managing the international aspects of industry/university cooperation.
The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) program was designed to enhance the US " s research, education and technology transfer infrastructure by promoting stronger technical and organizational ties between university and industry. Evaluation efforts undertaken during the I/UCRCs thirty-plus years of operation have provided persuasive(More)
An experimental comparison was made of the drug abuse treatment effectiveness of a halfway house and a community lodge program. Drug abusers, mainly heroin addicts, were randomly assigned to one of the two programs. After a three-month follow-up period, no significant differences between the two conditions were observed on four outcome variables: number of(More)
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