Louis-Sebastien Guimond

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We describe the design of a family of aperiodic PRNGs (APRNGs) introduced in [3]. We show how a one dimensional two tile cut and project quasicrystal (2TQC) used in conjunction with LCGs in an APRNG generates an infinite aperiodic pseudorandom sequence. In the suggested design, any 2TQC corresponding to unitary quadratic Pisot number combined with either(More)
We describe the design of a family of aperiodic pseudorandom number generator (APRNG). These deterministic generators are based on linear congruential generators (LCGs) and, unlike any other deterministic PRNG, lead to nonperiodic pseudorandom sequences. An APRNG consists of several LCGs whose combination, controlled by a quasicrystal, forms an infinite(More)
  • Philippe Di, Francesco, +323 authors Toronto Vasiljevic
  • 2002
The years follow each other all too rapidly, and it seems like only yesterday that I was writing a similar page for last year's report. It has been a busy year at the CRM. The centre of our scientific programme for the year was our thematic programme in Mathematical Physics. The year began with a remarkable Summer School, held at the Banff Centre for(More)
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