Louis S Berger

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Biological psychiatry has marginalized psychotherapy, and it is difficult for psychotherapists to counter its hegemony. The reductionist/materialist position seems incontrovertible and self-evident. An important factor in maintaining this stance is the belief that the physical world is understandable, solid, unproblematic, especially when compared to the(More)
1. A method is described for the isolation of hexokinase from baker's yeast. The method is based mainly on fractionation with alcohol and results See PDF for Structure in a 30-fold increase in specific activity. The final product could be crystallized from ammonium sulfate without change in specific activity. 2. The enzyme catalyzes a transfer of phosphate(More)
has been obtained in pure form from baker 's yeast by a method based chiefly on fractional precipitation with alcohol. 1 mg. of the pure protein catalyzes the transfer of 4.2 mg. P per minute at 30 ° and pH 7.5. The reported crystallization of the protein from dilute alcohol is not readily reproducible. Crystallization from ammonium sulfate (Fig. 1)(More)
1. ALBANIA The Republic of Albania, located in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula; is bounded in the northwest and north by Serbia and Montenegro, in the east by FYROM, in the southeast and south by Greece, and in the west by the Adriatic Sea. Albania is divided into 26 districts. Albania is predominantly mountainous. Lowlands, which comprise less(More)
! Inviv%3' ' In-vivo comparison of chemically polished vs. unpolished magnesium-based screws in lamb tibiae L Berger, J Eichler, M Cihova, E Martinelli, C Kleinhans, P Uggowitzer, JF Löffler, AM Weinberg 1 Inst. for Building Construction and Technology, TU Wien, Vienna, AT. 2 Dept. of Orthopaedic and Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical University of Graz, Graz,(More)
This article propounds that formal clinical frameworks do not provide answers to the significant technical problems that typically confront certain types of psychotherapists in their daily work. Specifically, it is claimed that for a certain class of therapies "normal science's" theoretical frameworks cannot logically entail (i.e., lead deductively to)(More)