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PURPOSE OF REVIEW This systematic review reports the most recent literature regarding the effects of physical exercise on muscle strength, body composition, physical functioning and inflammation in older adults. All articles were assessed for methodological quality and where possible effect size was calculated. RECENT FINDINGS Thirty-four articles were(More)
Shifts in CD8+ T-cell subsets that are hallmarks of immunosenescence are observed in ageing and in conditions of chronic immune stimulation. Presently, there is limited documentation of such changes in lung cancer and other malignancies affecting the lungs. Changes in CD8+ T-cell subsets, based on the expression of CD28 and CD57, were analysed in patients(More)
BACKGROUND During organismal aging, human T-cells shift towards less functional phenotypes, often called senescent cells. As these cells have not been well characterized, we aimed to relate surface markers of human T-cell senescence with characteristics of in vitro cellular aging and to further characterize these cells. METHODS We identified, by flow(More)
Ageing is associated with a chronic low-grade inflammatory profile (CLIP). Physical exercise could circumvent the deleterious effects of CLIP by influencing circulating inflammatory mediators and neurotrophic growth factors. This study aimed at assessing whether 12 weeks of progressive strength training (PST) influences circulating brain-derived(More)
BACKGROUND BDNF is known to induce neuroplasticity and low circulating levels have been related to neuronal loss in older persons. Physical exercise is thought to trigger BDNF-induced neuroplasticity, but conflicting observations have been reported regarding the effects of resistance training on circulating BDNF in the elderly. These conflicting(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in sub-populations of cytotoxic (CD8+) T-cells, which are observed in aging and in conditions of chronic immune stimulation, are not well-documented in cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using flow cytometry, CD8+ T-cell subsets were analyzed in patients with breast cancer undergoing DNA-damaging chemotherapy and in an older female control(More)
BACKGROUND Literature reports on the effects of resistance training on heat shock protein70 (Hsp70) adaptation in older subjects are scarce. Moreover, the optimum training load required to obtain a beneficial adaptation profile is lacking. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the effects of resistance training at various external loads on(More)
Suppressing inflammaging at an early stage in life via exercise might prevent chronic diseases later in life. The aim was to investigate the influence of resistance training at different external loads on inflammatory markers in healthy young adults. Serum was collected for basal levels of cytokines (IL-1beta, IL-6, IL-8, sTNFR1, IL-1RA, IL-10 and GM-CSF)(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the effects of resistance training (RT) on circulating cytokines in older adults. Also, dose-response relationships remain unclear. This study investigated the impact of RT at different external loads on circulating inflammatory mediators in older community-dwelling individuals. METHODS Fifty-six community-dwelling older(More)
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