Louis N. Howard

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The theorem X established by Miles in the preceding paper is here given a simpler and more general proof. Some further theoretical results concerning the stability of heterogeneous shear flows are also presented, in particular a demonstration that the complex wave velocity of any unstable mode must lie in a certain semicircle .
Patrick D. Weidman1,†, Andrzej Herczynski2, Jie Yu3 and Louis N. Howard4 1Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0427, USA 2Department of Physics, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 92467-3811, USA 3Civil Engineering Program, Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the excess Gibbs free energy of aqueous electrolytes. The analysis of experimental data leads to the conclusion that the equilibrium state for dilute univalent electrolytes in water involves an intercalation of water and ionic liquid crystal domains. Excess free energy of the solution is determined by the Madelung energy(More)
This paper presents the Raman depolarization ratio of degassed ultrapure water as a function of temperature, in the range 303.4-314.4 K (30.2-41.2 degrees C). The pressure of the sample was the vapor pressure of water at the measurement temperature. The data provide a direct indication of the existence of a phase transition in the liquid at 307.7 K, 5.8 kPa(More)
Linear polyethylenes in the amorphous region have been simulated as restricted random walks on a diamond lattice between two absorbing planes. The links among loops were studied by treating loops as Ž oriented curves. The local conformations of polyethylene chains i.e., trans and . gauche energy differences were considered in the simulation, thereby(More)
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