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Long‐Term Effects of Forestry on Birds of the Eastern Canadian Boreal Forests: a Comparison with Fennoscandia
: Logging is considered the most important threat to species in boreal forests. In contrast to eastern Canada, where most boreal forests remain largely untouched, in Fennoscandia it is possible toExpand
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Comparing bird assemblages in successional black spruce stands originating from fire and logging
Comparisons of the effects of logging and fire as disturbance agents on the composition of bird assemblages in boreal ecosystems are still lacking or are limited to the short-term impacts of clear-...
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Standing deadwood for keystone bird species in the eastern boreal forest: Managing for snag dynamics
Extensive even-aged management of the boreal forest and its consequences on the loss of late-seral stages (>100 years) is raising concerns about the future of organisms associated with standingExpand
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Left-right party ideology and government policies: A meta-analysis
This paper summarizes how the partisan influence literature assesses the relation- ship between the left-right party composition of government and policy outputs through a meta-analysis of 693Expand
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Foraging ecology and use of drumming trees by three-toed woodpeckers
Among boreal forest bird species, the three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus) is closely associated with old-growth forests (>120 years), and possibly the most negatively affected by long-termExpand
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Owl winter irruptions as an indicator of small mammal population cycles in the boreal forest of eastern North America
Contrary to what is observed in Fennoscandia, it seems to be widely accepted that small mammals do not exhibit multi-annual population cycles in the boreal forest of North America. However, in theExpand
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Small mammal responses to coarse woody debris distribution at different spatial scales in managed and unmanaged boreal forests
Abstract Dead wood such as stumps and logs found on the forest floor is a key structural element that is used by a broad spectrum of organisms and contributes to soil nutrient cycling. The complexityExpand
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Electoral and Partisan Cycles in the Canadian Provinces
This study tests explanations of the growth of Canadian provincial governments that draw from the political budget cycle approach. The approach assumes that governments jointly respond to electoralExpand
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Woodpecker Excavations Suitability for and Occupancy by Cavity Users in the Boreal Mixedwood Forest of Eastern Canada
Abstract: In the boreal forest, where tree cavities are mainly excavated by woodpeckers, many holes are incomplete excavations that are not suitable cavities for most other cavity users that formExpand
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Aid and ideology
. A conceptualization of international aid-giving behaviour, based on the notion of bounded rationality and involving the interaction of objective and subjective factors, is developed. From thisExpand
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