Louis M. Rose

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In their recent book, Mens and Demeyer state that ModelDriven Engineering introduces additional challenges for controlling and managing software evolution. Today, tools exist for generating model editors and for managing models with transformation, validation, merging and weaving. There is limited support, however, for model migration a development activity(More)
EMF and GMF are powerful frameworks for implementing tool support for modelling languages in Eclipse. However, with power comes complexity; implementing a graphical editor for a modelling language using EMF and GMF requires developers to hand craft and maintain several low-level interconnected models through a loosely-guided, labour-intensive and(More)
Syntax of EWL Since EWL has been built atop Epsilon, its abstract and concrete syntax need only to define the concepts that are relevant to the task it addresses; they can reuse lower-level constructs from EOL. The basic concept of the EWL abstract http://mdr.netbeans.org http://www.eclipse.org/emf 6 JOURNAL OF OBJECT TECHNOLOGY VOL 2, NO. 2 4 THE EPSILON(More)
As Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is increasingly applied to larger and more complex systems, the current generation of modelling and model management technologies are being pushed to their limits in terms of capacity and efficiency. Additional research and development is imperative in order to enable MDE to remain relevant with industrial practice and to(More)
The Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) provides substantial infrastructure and tooling for developing diagram-based editors for modelling languages atop the Eclipse platform. It is widely accepted that implementing a visual editor using the built-in GMF facilities is a particularly complex and error-prone task and requires a steep learning curve. We(More)
Modelling languages and thus their metamodels are subject to change. When a metamodel evolves, existing models may no longer conform to the evolved metamodel. To avoid rebuilding them from scratch, existing models must be migrated to conform to the evolved metamodel. Manually migrating existing models is tedious and errorprone. To alleviate this, several(More)
Model-Driven Engineering promotes the use of tailor-made modelling languages for software and systems engineering problems, with metamodels that encapsulate domain knowledge. Despite the importance of metamodelling in MDE, there is little empirical analysis of metamodels. What are the common characteristics of metamodels? Do modellers follow best practices?(More)