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A whole genome association study was performed in a phase 3 clinical trial conducted to evaluate a novel antipsychotic, iloperidone, administered to treat patients with schizophrenia. Genotypes of 407 patients were analyzed for 334,563 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). SNPs associated with iloperidone efficacy were identified within the neuronal PAS(More)
Visualizing and analyzing social networks is a challenging problem that has been receiving growing attention. An important first step, before analysis can begin, is ensuring that the data is accurate. A common data quality problem is that the data may inadvertently contain several distinct references to the same underlying entity; the process of reconciling(More)
Databases often contain uncertain and imprecise references to real-world entities. Entity resolution, the process of reconciling multiple references to underlying real-world entities, is an important data cleaning process required before accurate visualization or analysis of the data is possible. In many cases, in addition to noisy data describing entities,(More)
Administration of certain drugs (for example, antiarrhythmics, antihistamines, antibiotics, antipsychotics) may occasionally affect myocardial repolarization and cause prolongation of the QT interval. We performed a whole genome association study of drug-induced QT prolongation after 14 days of treatment in a phase 3 clinical trial evaluating the efficacy,(More)
Scale is often an issue with understanding and making sense of large social networks. Here we investigate methods for pruning social networks by determining the most relevant relationships. We measure importance in terms of predictive accuracy on a set of target attributes of the social network. Our goal is to create a pruned network that models only the(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate how several polymorphisms previously associated with the efficacy of the novel antipsychotic iloperidone could be used together to predict clinical response and provide practical information for individualized treatment. METHOD This inpatient randomized, double-blind, placebo- and ziprasidone-controlled, 28-day study of the(More)
Recently there has been a surge of interest in social networks. Email traffic, disease transmission, and criminal activity can all be modeled as social networks. In this paper, we introduce a particular form of social network which we call a <i>friendship-event network.</i> A friendship-event network describes two inter-related networks. One is a friendship(More)
For decades, the dopamine hypothesis has gained the most attention in an attempt to explain the origin and the symptoms of schizophrenia. While this hypothesis offers an explanation for the relationship between psychotic symptoms and dopamine kinetics, it does not provide a direct explanation of the etiology of schizophrenia which remains poorly understood.(More)