Louis Levinger

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We have a new approach, two-dimensional hybridization mapping of nucleosomes, to compare the structures of mononucleosomes from different regions of the Drosophila melanogaster genome. Approximately one in two nucleosomes of the transcribed copia and heat-shock 70 (hsp 70) genes in nonshocked cultured cells contains ubiquitin-H2A (uH2A) semihistone, a(More)
The human mitochondrial genome encodes 22 tRNAs interspersed among the two rRNAs and 11 mRNAs, often without spacers, suggesting that tRNAs must be efficiently excised. Numerous maternally transmitted diseases and syndromes arise from mutations in mitochondrial tRNAs, likely due to defect(s) in tRNA metabolism. We have systematically explored the effect of(More)
Proteins produced in cultured Drosophila cells during the heat-shock response (HSPs) were recently shown by autoradiography to be confined in large measure to the cell nucleus. We report here that nuclear HSPs are not associated with nucleosomes solubilizes by treatment with staphylococcal nuclease at low ionic strength nor are HSPs released by extraction(More)
tRNase Z, a member of the metallo-β-lactamase family, endonucleolytically removes the pre-tRNA 3' trailer in a step central to tRNA maturation. The short form (tRNase Z(S)) is the only one found in bacteria and archaebacteria and is also present in some eukaryotes. The homologous long form (tRNase Z(L)), exclusively found in eukaryotes, consists of related(More)
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