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BACKGROUND Diabetes care in rural communities often suffers because of physician shortages. When patients need to see an endocrinologist, long-distance travel to urban centers can constitute a barrier to care. OBJECTIVE To address this problem, we tested whether diabetes telemedicine consultations would be acceptable to rural patients and their primary(More)
BACKGROUND PubMed is the largest bibliographic index in the life sciences. It is freely available online and is used by professionals and the public to learn more about medical research. While primarily intended to serve researchers, PubMed provides an array of tools and services that can help a wider readership in the location, comprehension, evaluation,(More)
BACKGROUND Clinicians search PubMed for answers to clinical questions although it is time consuming and not always successful. OBJECTIVE To determine if PubMed used with its Clinical Queries feature to filter results based on study quality would improve search success (more correct answers to clinical questions related to therapy). METHODS We invited(More)
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