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By comparison with age-matched controls in employment, 17 institutionalised schizophrenic patients were shown by computerised axial tomography of the brain to have increased cerebral ventricular size. Within the group of schizophrenic patients increased ventricular size was highly significantly related to indices of cognitive impairment.
From 1965 to 1972, 19 patients with the Budd-Chiari syndrome were investigated. An underlying diagnosis was made in 10 cases, polycythemia rubra vera being the commonest etiology. Percutaneous liver biopsy confirmed the diagnosis in 18 patients, and in 14 the site of hepatic vein obstruction was defined or its presence suggested by hepatic venography.(More)
A case is presented of a glomangioma with typical history and clinical findings, proven by operation and histology. Unique radiographic features are demonstrated including visualization of the tumour on a soft tissue radiograph and associated hyperaemic bone changes, continuous wave Doppler results indicating hyperaemia and an arterio-venous malformation,(More)
The normal anatomy of the pancreas is demonstrated by computed tomography (CT) (EMI) in 50 patients with no known pancreatic disease and in 15 comparable postmortem studies. The problems of optimal demonstration of the pancreas in CT and the possible causes of misinterpretation of the pancreatic axial tomography are considered. The size of the normal(More)
We analyzed the serum concentrations of lipids and lipoproteins and the prevalence of other risk factors in a case-control study of 304 consecutive Chinese patients with acute stroke (classified as cerebral infarction, lacunar infarction, or intracerebral hemorrhage) and 304 age- and sex-matched controls. For all strokes we identified the following risk(More)
The appearance of lung metastases and their distribution in the axial plane was studied on radiographs of formalin-vapour inflated fixed lungs. The results show that the vast majority of lung metastases are to be found at the periphery of the lung, irrespective of cavitation or of their shape or size. This distribution cannot be explained by hydro-dynamic(More)