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By comparison with age-matched controls in employment, 17 institutionalised schizophrenic patients were shown by computerised axial tomography of the brain to have increased cerebral ventricular size. Within the group of schizophrenic patients increased ventricular size was highly significantly related to indices of cognitive impairment.
Using computed tomography, lateral ventricular size was studied in a sample of 112 institutionalized chronic schizophrenic patients (selected from 510 cases to investigate the correlates of the defect state and intellectual decline and the effects of insulin, electroconvulsive and neuroleptic treatment), and compared with matched groups of(More)
The Shatin Stroke Registry is a prospective study of all patients admitted with acute stroke to a general hospital in Hong Kong where the population is predominantly Chinese. Each patient was examined by a neurologist and 95.5% of the patients had a brain CT. Of 777 patients included in the study, 44.0% had a cortical/subcortical infarct, 18.5% a(More)
Lateral ventricular size, as assessed by computed tomography, was not significantly greater in manic-depressive cases than in neurotic patients, but 19% of manic-depressive cases had ventricular brain ratios (VBR) more than two standard deviations above the neurotic mean. Few correlates of VBR were found in the features of the illness and the treatment(More)
Trichinosis is a worldwide disease contained by good husbandry and culinary practice, presenting unexpectedly in individual cases or mini-epidemics. The disease varies greatly in its manifestation and severity although when marked can be recognized by fever with myositis and periorbital oedema. Antibody tests are specific but the appearance on computed(More)