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By comparison with age-matched controls in employment, 17 institutionalised schizophrenic patients were shown by computerised axial tomography of the brain to have increased cerebral ventricular size. Within the group of schizophrenic patients increased ventricular size was highly significantly related to indices of cognitive impairment.
Using computed tomography, lateral ventricular size was studied in a sample of 112 institutionalized chronic schizophrenic patients (selected from 510 cases to investigate the correlates of the defect state and intellectual decline and the effects of insulin, electroconvulsive and neuroleptic treatment), and compared with matched groups of(More)
The Shatin Stroke Registry is a prospective study of all patients admitted with acute stroke to a general hospital in Hong Kong where the population is predominantly Chinese. Each patient was examined by a neurologist and 95.5% of the patients had a brain CT. Of 777 patients included in the study, 44.0% had a cortical/subcortical infarct, 18.5% a(More)
The anatomy and radiology of the areae gastricae were studied in human and pig specimens and it was shown that the double contrast barium meal demonstrates a true picture of the undulating gastric mucosa, which is distinctive in appearance in the antrum body and fundus of the pig stomach. The importance of the type of barium used and the thickness of(More)
  • R W Chapman, G Williams, G Bydder, R Dick, S Sherlock, L Kreel
  • 1980
Dual-energy computed tomography (CT) was used to estimate hepatic iron concentration in eight patients with primary haemochromatosis with varying degrees of iron overload. The values corresponded closely with these derived from chemical analysis of liver tissue obtained by biopsy (correlation coefficient 0.993). Dual-energy CT therefore seems to provide an(More)
A case is presented of a glomangioma with typical history and clinical findings, proven by operation and histology. Unique radiographic features are demonstrated including visualization of the tumour on a soft tissue radiograph and associated hyperaemic bone changes, continuous wave Doppler results indicating hyperaemia and an arterio-venous malformation,(More)
Lateral ventricular size, as assessed by computed tomography, was not significantly greater in manic-depressive cases than in neurotic patients, but 19% of manic-depressive cases had ventricular brain ratios (VBR) more than two standard deviations above the neurotic mean. Few correlates of VBR were found in the features of the illness and the treatment(More)