Louis Féraud

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This paper deals with model transformation based on attributed graph rewriting. Our contribution investigates a single pushout approach for applying the rewrite rules. The computation of graph attributes is obtained through the use of typed λ-calculus with inductive types. In this paper we present solutions to cope with single pushout construction for the(More)
In this paper, we give a new formalism for attributed graph rewrites resting on category theory and type theory. Our main goal is to offer a single theoretical foundation that embeds the rewrite of structural parts of graphs and attribute computations which has more expressive power for attribute computations as well.
One of the challenges of attributed graph rewriting systems concerns the implementation of attribute computations. Most of the existing systems adopt the standard algebraic approach where graphs are attributed using sigma-algebras. However, for the sake of efficiency considerations and convenient uses, these systems do not generally implement the whole(More)
In 2002 and 2003, the TRAMs project, led by a consortium of French companies and universities, experimented the application of emerging model engineering techniques to Information System (IS) migration. The main objectives were to define a methodology and to specify an open and modular migration framework to solve IS migration complexity on the basis of(More)