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In a post-mortem study to determine the accuracy of angiography in defining atheromatous disease of the origin of the internal carotid artery, 64 carotid bifurcations were filled with a mixture of gelatin and contrast medium, X-rayed, cleared for pathological study, and assessed by a neurologist and a vascular surgeon. Agreement between the two observers on(More)
There is increasing interest in the acquisition and measurement of physical fitness in general populations (Bassey and Fentem 1981). Measuring fitness can be uncomfortable and exhausting for subjects and expensive and time-consuming for experimenters (Andersen et al. 1971). Various authors have described and/or evaluated methods for the prediction of VO2(More)
Cerebral infarction was produced by unilateral carotid ligation in the gerbil, and 5HT levels in the cerebral hemispheres were assayed 3.5 hours later. A bilateral fall as confirmed, with the greatest change occurring on the side of carotid ligation in animals showing the clinical sequelae of infarction. Neither absolute levels nor right left differences in(More)
In this investigation the physical fitness of 34 recruits to the UK Fire Service was assessed before and after their initial training (tests 1-2) and on three occasions (tests 3-5) during the first 18 months of their service (n = 34 + 6 = 40). The initial training (test 2-test 1) resulted in an increase in maximum aerobic power (11% p < 0.05), body mass (2(More)
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