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Using a combination of statistical mechanics and finite-element interpolation, we develop a coarse-grained (CG) alternative to molecular dynamics (MD) for crystalline solids at constant temperature. The new approach is significantly more efficient than MD and generalizes earlier work on the quasicontinuum method. The method is validated by recovering(More)
Genuine Savings has emerged as the leading economic indicator of sustainable economic development at the country level. It derives from the literatures on weak sustainability, wealth accounting and national income accounting. The paper is structured as follows: section 1 introduces the basic measure and the idea of weak sustainability. Section two provides(More)
The activity in vitro of the new cephamycin, cefotetan, was compared with that of cephalothin, cefoxitin, cefuroxime and cefotaxime against 226 recently isolated Gram-negative pathogens (207 Enterobacteriaceae and 19 Acinetobacter). Cefotetan was consistently more potent than cephalothin, cefoxitin and cefuroxime. Cefotaxime and cefotetan were essentially(More)
The study of the bronchial concentration of dibekacin has shown a different degree of activity than that of gentamicin. This activity resembles that of amikacin with a three hour time lag from the appearance of the bronchial peak in relationship to the serum peak. In addition there seems to be a special passage mechanism for the antibiotic from the blood(More)
This paper aims at reviewing the literature on international trade and sustainability. In the neoclassical sense sustainability is interpreted as the imperative to maintain constant consumption over time. The literature provides several indicators to assess sustainability empirically. Theoretical and empirical studies alike usually consider the world either(More)
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